Thursday, December 16, 2010

Supply Chain and Data Visibility

As Supply Chain Managers we are always working to improve our data visibility - the ease with which those within our organization can quickly obtain the information they need to support good decision making.  That data visibility may have a downside.  Two supply chain managers are in the news today giving supply chain management the type of publicity the profession doesn't want (in spite of what P.T. Barnum said).  This is a good reminder that, as Supply Chain Managers, we often have access to the type of data that must be closely guarded (and could even land us in jail if we fail to do so).

I find that I learn a great deal from sharing my business challenges with others (whether in a formal setting such as a classroom or presentation hall) or informal, such as a round table or lunch.  I believe The APICS Member Code of Ethics provides a good framework for how to share that information (and how to hold in confidence information that others share with me).

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